Taylor Tyndall

A few things about me:

The 2016-2017  will be my 11th year teaching fourth grade at West View Elementary. I am a 2006 Graduate from Meredith College with a degree in Child Development and a K-6 licensure. In addition to my K-6 licensure, I have my AIG certification.  

   I'm married and live in the Garner area. I have a five year old daughter named Kennedy and a baby boy named Reese. Some of my favorite things are the UNC Tarheels, Boston Red Sox, Bojangles, Target, Cheesecake Factory, milk chocolate, taking pictures, relaxing at the beach, spending time with my family and friends, and reading a good book:)

I look forward to getting to know you too!

Mrs. Tyndall’s Expectations and Instruction for Math Blocks


New Investigations Math Program:

Check out this video!

DQ Strategy 

 Daily 4 Math Stations: 
Some of the stations include: Daily Review, Math Superstars, Journal Responses, Detective Task Cards, Fact Practice, Technology, Problem Solving, and Small Group with the Teacher 

4th grade Common Core (Unpacking)- Detailed objectives and standards.

Math and language arts will be 90 minute blocks.

 During our math block, your child will be exposed to a deeper level of understanding of the objective:

Investigations Math Program- incorporates deep thinking math discussions, hands on learning, math workshops, and assessments.


Interactive Math Notebook- The interactive math notebook is a supplement to our our math program. The notebook will provide students with a tool to help them become more independent problem solvers. The interactive notebook will cover most of the objectives for the common core. It will be a hands-on notebook and templates will be provided for investigations. Interactive notebooks include example problems, proof of concepts, and a reflection.

Math Centers- Students will have the opportunity to work in math centers. The math centers are engaging activities that correlate with the math objectives for the week.  


Tier assignments- A tiered assignment is when the teacher plans different lessons at a certain level for the students, all with the same goal in mind. There are various levels like a pyramid type formation. It is a great way to meet the needs of the diverse learners, it also enables students to work on their prior knowledge as well as build new knowledge, After teaching a mini lesson about a certain objective, students who need more of a challenge will complete a tiered assignment.

Anchoring Activity- Anchor activities are a strategy that allows students to work on an outgoing assignment directly related to the curriculum that can be worked on independently or in groups. An anchor activity is a logical extension of learning during a unit, an elaboration of important goals and outcomes that are tied to the curriculum and tasks for which students are held accountable.

Example: Math Super Stars or Tic-Tac-Toe boards


M3 Program- National experts in the fields of math education, mathematics, and gifted and talented education and teachers designed the curriculum. The content units of instruction are based on the NCTM Content Standards (2000) and include Number, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability. The NCTM Process Standards (2000) are embedded in these units concentrating on communication, reasoning, connections, and problem solving.

A special focus emphasizes the development of critical and creative thinking skills in problem solving.

Test Ready Common Core Workbooks- Students will continue to develop and apply their problem solving skills in the Test Ready Common Core workbooks. The students must explain their math strategies and reasoning processes.

AIG Lessons from AIG~IRP- These lessons provide instructional resources to challenge advanced learners. The intent of this work is to bring together best practices in gifted education with strong content that supports the implementation of the new SCOS, which include the Common Core State Standards and the Essential Standards.

Examples of lessons- Click on this link.




Fourth Grade Happenings

First Day of School - Monday August 29, 2016 If your child already has a device, please make sure to label your device with their name somew ...

4th Grade Supply List 4 packages notebook paper (wide ruled) ** Crayons or colored pencils 1 pair of scissors 1 box of tissue * 4 glue stic ...

We look forward to meeting you on Thursday August 25, 2016 from 4:30pm-6:30pm.  Please report to your child's homeroom class for a quick pre ...

You will receive your orientation letter / homeroom teacher letter in the mail within the next day or so.  Please call the school on Wednesd ...


9:00-10:30-Block 1 (Working snack)
10:30-12:00- Block 2
12:45-1:15- Recess
1:15-2:00- Social Studies/Science
2:00-2:35-OWL Time
2:35-2:45-Bathroom and pack up 

Day 1- Learning Lab
Day 2- Science
Day 3- Art
Day 4- Technology
Day 5- PE
Day 6- Music
Day 7- Media
Day 8- Guidance 

Writing/Spelling News (Homeroom Students Only) 

Spelling- Students have a spelling contract and a set of spelling words in their OWL Binders. There are 3 different groups of spelling words. Students were assessed the first week of school and placed in the appropriate group. Students are responsible for 4 ACTIVITIES from their Spelling Contract every week. The activities are due every THURSDAY. Students will complete a sort every FRIDAY in class and then complete the sort activities the following Monday-Wednesday. There sort will count as ONE of their activities. They are then to choose one activity from List A, List B, and List C from their spelling contract. The directions are clearly defined on the spelling contract. Please read carefully.Students will have some opportunities to work on their spelling contracts for morning work during the week.

Spelling Tests- Students will have to correctly sort their spelling words on their spelling tests. It is important that they learn the pattern of their sorts. They must also correctly spell their spelling words. Students will be responsible for 15 spelling words. It is important that they study ALL of their spelling words since 15 of them will be selected at random.


Students will have grammar lessons Tuesday-Thursday. They will also be exposed to expository writing pieces. Students will have content writing grades from reading, social studies, science, and math.

Social Studies/Science News (Homeroom only)

NC Weekly will begin September 6th- September 30th. 






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