Transportation Procedures

The staff at West View thanks you in advance for your cooperation and patience. Please remember that every parent is trying to get their student to school and picked up from school safely. With everyone working as a team, students and staff will remain safe and orderly. Thank you for keeping our students and staff safe for all transportation modes!

AM Car Pool - Morning Procedures

Morning Car Pool runs from 8:20am until 8:45am (first bell). There will be no staff present at carpool after the first bell at 8:45am. If your student arrives after the second bell at 8:50am (tardy bell), the student will be considered tardy and will need to be brought into the building by parent/guardian and signed in at the office.

Please use all 3 lanes in carpool to drop off students in the morning.  Please be courteous and mindful that students are watching the actions of adults.

Students will be responsible for opening and closing their car doors in the morning. Please be mindful to "unlock the child safety latch" on the door, so that your student will be able to open their own door and exit your car without assistance. Staff members will be in position to ensure the safety of our students as they enter the building and to greet them in the morning. 

In addition, if you choose to walk your students into the building, you will need to park in a designated parking space and walk your student across the cross walk in the morning. Again, to ensure the safety of our students, students will not be allowed to cross the cross-walk without a designated adult.

Just a reminder, there is no staff at carpool after the first bell (8:45am) in the morning. If your student arrives after the 2nd bell (8:50am), you will need to park, walk your student into the building, and sign them in at the office.

PM Carpool -  Afternoon Procedures 

All three lanes are now open for carpool and may be filled as vehicles join afternoon car pool. 

We dismiss 12 cars at one time

There will be staff members at the beginning of the line, in the middle , and at the end to direct vehicles to proper placement in the new line-up. Once the cars are stopped and in park, children will load cars in both lanes. When all students are safely in cars, you will be directed to exit the carpool line-up by a staff member and the next group will pull up to load students.

We will let 6 cars go from lane 1 and then 6 cars go from lane 2 to make up a group. Students will then load with the above procedures. Then, 6 cars from lane 2 and then back to lane 1 for 6 more cars for the next group to load students. Please follow the directions of staff members for loading students in order to ensure an orderly and safe dismissal of students. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bus Procedures

Student's need to arrive at their bus stop on time and ready to board the bus!

Bus stops are combined together to be no closer than 0.2 miles apart for elementary school students.  To have a concern addressed please fill out the Bus Stop Concern form.  To make a change to your child's information to receive a bus stop please fill out the Bus Update Change form.  Students must follow the bus rules that follow:  

Bus Rules

1. Remain in your assigned seat at all times

2. No standing or walking in the aisle.

3. Sit in your seat properly and face the front of the bus.

4. Do not sit up on your knees or on top of your bookbag.

5. Respect the bus driver, yourself, others and school property.

6. Unacceptable rude or profane language will not be tolerated.

7. No fighting/physical contact.

8. Do not throw anything out the bus window, keep your hands, arms, head,ETC... inside the bus.

9. No weapons allowed on the bus. 10. No drugs, smoking or tobaccoproducts allowed on the bus.

**"Failure to comply with the bus rules will result in disciplinary action which could result in bus suspension. Any severe infraction may result in immediate suspension from the bus."

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